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Playing video to external monitor/TV


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OK this is a very weird or intentional issue.

I have several videos/rips on my surface. I tried plugging in to a TV via HDMI and when I try and play ANY of several .MP4 files I get the error (exact words) "Can't play because the item's file format isn't supported. Check the store to see if this item is available there."

ALL the video's I'm trying ARE supported and play perfectly on the internal screen, I can't play anything either on external display or with the displays duplicated.

Is it me it does this look deliberate to get people to re-purchase movies via the XBOX movie store?:mad:
Sounds like the HDMI encryption algorithm is kicking in on HD content (MP4 maintains the encryption).
These are actually ripped with AnyDVD some from Blu-ray with everything removed and re-encoded with Handbrake and have played on other devices in the same way. The TV I'm playing out to is also HDCP compliant.
I'm wondering if the MS put the Surface RT's HDCP support into the HD Adapter....

Surface ports: MicroSD slot and full size USB

"Port. Ability.

Take your media collection with you anywhere. Located just under the integrated Kickstand, the microSD card slot gives you up to 64GB of extra storage. Load up with music, movies, and pictures and take them with you anywhere. Want to share your passions or work with more people? Show off everything on an HD display using the HD video out port1.

1Works exclusively with apps from the Windows Store. Broadband internet required; ISP fees apply. HD Digital Adapter required (sold separately)"