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Well I found one thing my Lumia 640 XL does really well.

Arizona Willie

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I had been very frustrated before because my Surface Pro tablet would not MIRROR to my Sony TV.

Last night, while poking into corners in my new phone I saw " connect to a wireless display ".

I thought " yeah right ... bet it won't work any better than the Surface did ... they both came from Microsoft " although, of course, it is actually made by Nokia.

Boy was I wrong.

I put the TV in mirror mode and tapped " connect to a wireless display " and WHAM!!! there it was ... my tiny Lumia phone screen in 55" UHD because the set takes any signal and upgrades it to UHD.


Was able to go to Start Screen and choose the Edge browser and navigate and it all showed up on the TV just like it should.

So now I know not to blame Sony --- the Surface Pro failure to mirror is MICROSOFT'S fault. Has to be since two windows devices from Microsoft one works and one doesn't. Although, come to think of it, the Surface Pro is still running W8.1 and the phone is on W10 so it could be the version of Windows too, I suppose.

But anyway, the main thing is my phone mirrors to the Sony Bravia tv PERFECTLY with no hassle at all.
Arizona Willie

Arizona Willie

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Yes it is ... maybe.

I still can't get Outlook Email to receive :)

although it sends -- hmmm -- or did send before the reset --- haven't tested sending since. Reckon I oughta try that.

Yeah, just took a quick break and tried it and it sent email just fine although it still doesn't indicate that it sent anything. There is no visible or audible clue that the email actually got sent. But it works one - way.

I asked Microsoft and they said do a Soft Reset and I did and it DID NOTHING but lose some things I had working like a wake up alarm that was working but wouldn't after the reset.

Eventually I managed to jigger it. Had to reinstall the sound file I wanted played. Even though it showed on the phone under the Files app it would not play although it did before.

I know I'm playing with beta but this is the most aggravating / screwed up " beta " I've ever encountered.
If I didn't know better I would think < I > programmed it.

Good thing you didn't throw that phone against the wall.
Arizona Willie

Arizona Willie

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I may do a Hard Reset on it tomorrow. Maybe.

The phone is a toy so it may aggravate me but I can lay it down and walk away.
I don't need it. Some people would have their life turned upside down if their phone was broke but I'm not in that position.

And, that's how I learn.

I do something and mess things up and then have to figure out how to fix it.

Lol, you "still" haven't rolled it back yet? You must really like to punish yourself.