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Well, looks like I now have one of these.


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You know... I seem to recall reading that the X1 automotive solution was a dual SoC solution so they may have already don that work.

Then there was the announcement/rumor that they were going to revolutionize the gaming industry

You put those two together and it could be they are going to release such a device as a gaming console.

Then what is Microsoft to do... they may have to revive RT for a gaming platform on X1 hardware. Wouldn't that be sweet. :) and we could finally get our X1 based Surface 3 as a side benefit. :D

Then the OP would have a real choice... vs no choice.

The problem is that Nvidia is too busy pushing Android based tablets. And Windows RT was a fail. Microsoft didn't understand what made Windows, be Windows, and that confused a great majority of people. Windows 10 isn't coming to Surface 1 and 2. Only the Pro series. (Pro 1, Pro 2 and Pro 3.. and well obvious Pro 4)

The problem for Nvidia, is that they won't make a solution themselves as:
-> Consumers that want an dedicated GPU in a laptop, want high performance. So you have these large and/or super thick laptops to cool that powerful CPU and Mobile GPU chip (Nvidia or AMD).

-> Yes there is a market of people, like me, who don't care about "!!!MAX POWER!!!" performance, and willing to sacrifice that for ultra portability. Seeking more software/game compatibility over playing games at 120fps on a laptop or super high visuals at 60fps. I am on the go, I have a desktop computer at home for more comfortable and better gaming experience. Sadly, we are not very vocal about it, and manufactures ignores us mostly. And those who don't, don't want to spend money, because they think we have no money, and also target people that don't know anything about computers and were told "look for Nvidia or AMD stickers", and they put the old low end dedicated GPUs, which they push Nvidia and AMD to rebrand them as newer models when they are not.

As for tablets running Windows, due to the slow CPU on most of them (Atom), many games already don't work. Plus, most people that tend to seek a tablet, don't want to spend more than 300$ or so. So, there is no market to put an Nvidia or AMD GPU. Heck, you can put a nice AMD APU inside in a low cost Windows tablets. Heck no manufacture bothers, as they like "our consumers want to see Intel sticker on it". Very sad state of the industry. Personally, the state of teh industry was much worst before, and in my opinion, I see that the Surface Pro have reinitialize the market. No more 1500$ laptop that fall apart, with noisy fans and poor batteries. When I saw manufactures freak out about the Surface and Surface Pro, this is where I had a big smile on my face, as I knew that they can no longer sit on their butt and actually do some R&D. We got some sweet computers and ultrabooks because of this.

I hope Nvidia reveal is a tablet running an Nvidia GPU running Windows. That would be something. But honestly I expect nothing more than the Tegra X1 powered Nvidia Shield, maybe with SLI like you said (which I don't get.. all this power for what? Angry Bird?), and probably a subscription based service where you pay per month for games, and you stream the content to your device. Meaning the crappiest device with a good wireless card will e able to play games at max settings. Basically their Nvidia GRID to the consumers.
OnLive tried that, it didn't work. Most people don't have the home network for, let alone internet service that is adequately fast, plus you have problem with latency, which is already a problem with in-home streaming games (they are several solutions).
That is what I expect from that event.