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the Surface surface ! Very angry!!

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had my sp2 for a couple weeks now have a few scratches on it near the power charger and back lid. i find some scratches if not to deep on the back lid will buff out. not a hug deal to me it's a work tablet mostly in a renovation trade. i'll be happy to not have a hammer drop on it. the only scratches that concern me are the front screen and the camera on the back. sofar I doubt I can scratch those


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Thing is, I think hardware is of higher importance than software issues (firmware and bugs) because the latter is fixable, though it may take time and require a workaround. There's no fixing hardware imperfections ever,
Hmm, wouldn't you call a skin a workaround, lol? xD

@beman39 Ehh, your wording makes me concerned whether this here is a nice forum to stay >_>


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This is a good forum. Everyone just needs to chill out. I saw the scratches. The op is obviously concerned but IMO, its not as bad as he made it seem through his wording.

This is why I buy cases for all my devices. A truly babied Surface would have a case :p

Take a chill pill fellow members..lol


...If it bothers you to the point of not being able to enjoy the device, you should probably sell it...
very well said! That's the point, I'm doing hard to enjoy it. I don't look at the device, but only on the scratches. And - I'm seriously concerned, how it will look in a few months time. I'm afraid there'll be blanc metal all over the place.

But here's maybe the end of the story:
I called my reseller, explained the issue in detail and on the phone they were very optimistic that they'd take it back. Obviously they couldn't promise but they sounded like it's no deal at all. Return device, get cash back.

But then I ran into 3 issues:
- the 256GB version isn't available anywhere around here
- I sold both my Notebook and my iPad, so i just NEED "a" device
- I'm sick, so I can't easily go there

So, at the end, I decided to go with the second part of Dane's post:
after enough time, the honeymoon period wears off with my latest toy and I don't see the nicks and dents as much, or at the very least, they don't bother me as much.
At the moment I'm not feeling well with this, but time will heal the wounds. It's a tool, not only to you guys, also to me. But even a blunt tool should be designed not to wear off after 10 days of careful usage.


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Maybe you should really try to get the device exchanged soon...
My device also has quite exactly 12 days of usage and I placed the nibs just yesterday on it and there's no little scratch or white visible on it except the inside of the charging-cable-port...
So perhaps you got a device from a batch with exceptionally bad paint?
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