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Well, This Sucks


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Guys, I don't know what you have been reading but Bay Trail is every bit as fast as Tegra 4 and in some benchmarks even faster. Bay Trail tablets will not be as slow as the old Atom tablets.

In Geekbench testing, the Intel Baytrail T chips (byt_t) were nearly identical to the Tegra 4 in single and multi-core scoring. Both ran a variant of Android 4.2 — 4.2.2 for the Intel chip, 4.2.1 for NVIDIA — and similar amounts of memory. The Baytrail T was clocked at an impressive 2.39GHz, whereas the Tegra 4 was checked at a respectable 1.9GHz.

Perhaps the real turning point was multi-core floating point operation, where the Intel chip simply blew the Tegra 4 away. When it came to single-core operation, the Tegra took the edge, but only slightly. The Baytrail chip also outclassed the Tegra 4 in memory processing.


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Moreover, Microsoft wanted a hardware platform that's low-power to compete with the tablet expectations of long-life (Pro gets constantly reamed on this). The choice is ARM. ARM requires a recompilation of a Windows flavor; that means naturally no x86 software will run. The jailbreak, by the way, absolutely does not simply allow regular x86 software to run--many, many people fail to understand that. You can't just install Firefox with it.
Just need an x86 emulator -- of course it will be slow as molasses in January, but something is still better than nothing.


I ordered a SP2 512Gb on 9/27. Estimated ship date, October 25. ...

I feel your pain!

This sounds like the Customer Service Hell I went through with my Surface RT when the website crashed, I got two in the mail after trying to reorder after the crash, and the well-meaning but useless "why can I hear children running around in the background" MS Customer Service organization attempted to fix the mess.

They must have upped the bar for you, though, as it only took me 5 tries to find a person who could fix my problem.
I want to shake your hand. I am in a similar position with you. I ordered the 256GB SP2 and it should've shipped on 21st. the original email said "another email will be sent when your item become available and you will not be charged until then."

on the 23rd they sent me an email saying my credit card company did not authorize my purchase. and I will get an email on friday to update my payment details. I called master card and confirmed I had enough available credit the whole time.

Called Microsoft store twice on friday, only to ask them to run my card again, or change my payment details to a different credit card, and they asked me to be patient, wait 6 to 24 hours for their "upper management" to call back. The first lady on the phone said she is "Putting the case on highest priority". but funny on the second call, the other agent was able to "put it on a higher priority" for me, which makes the promises sound fake. But highest priority whatsoever it is sunday night now, still NO ONE called me. I asked the second agent will they work on weekends they said YES.

I am going to call them tomorrow, again. If they cancel my order I will be crazy. I know it is only a matter of time they put it on student deal and makes it 10% cheaper (I'm in Canada, I see US education store already did), but I wanted to have it when it come out thats why I ordered it a month early! but the experience is just... SOOO frustrating.


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I feel bad for you all. Hopefully things will get resolved ASAP. It's not nice to be separated from one's shinies. :(