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What are the best games on SP3

Nathan Cotham

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I recently watched a review of the surface pro 3 on youtube and here is the following link:

Now at about 48 seconds in, until about a minute into the review, there is a really sweet game being played. I'm just wondering if anyone is able to identify which game that is that he is playing.

Also, if there are any sweet games that anyone would recommend for the SP3, say in the Windows App store or on Steam or something.

Please let me know,


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Not sure about the game in the video, but my favourite touch based game has to be Machinarium. Absolutely enchanting, addictive and at times massively frustrating puzzle game with a brilliant plot.


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My friend and I were playing this on a flight the other week. We were so genuinely confused and had no idea what we were doing. Somehow, we beat the level after about 45 minutes of random tapping and raised eyebrows :p


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doubt you would be able to fry an egg, when I game it gets hot but not enough to fry an egg! exaggerate much? :p lol