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What are your current tech gadgets/devices? Post in here and let us know!


Asus Transformer TF300
Samsung Galaxy S2 AT&T
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 plus
Samsung 40" LED TV
Samsung Blu Ray Player
Samsung Sound Bar System
XBOX 360 with Kinect
Dell 15 XPS - quad core i7 and loaded

And a fully equipped i7 quad core Dell Precision 15 - provided by my company for work use to handle all kinds of engineering software. That sucker is really heavy.

The TF300 is what's gets used the most, after my work laptop. The samsung tab and phone have some of the best hardware I have ever had but worst firmware support, battery drains on phone and non working bluetooth thanks to the AT&T geniuses, we just got the dang ICS update (probably last update ever on this model). Samsung screens have been 100% perfect with no defects and amazing quality.

The Asus tablet has been good, I LOVE the dock concept, but it has dead pixels and even some lose edges. After going through the Transformer Prime fiasco with 3 returns and after returning 2 TF300s I am actually looking forward to going for a different brand.

I know it sounds crazy but every Asus tablet I returned had major screen defects, I am talking about 4-6 dead pixels, " white cloud looking " pixel defects, one had a dead speaker, significantly loose edges, another one had a corner damaged and screed cracked. I just kind of gave up and kept the one I currently have, I have 4 dead pixels only visible to black grounds. Let me tell you I have never returned the a product multiple times. I still love the tablet though, everything else is just just great!. I use the tablet heavily for work and entertainment.

The rest of the toys have been flawless.