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What do you want in your smartwatch?


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Got me thinking the other day, what would it take me to buy one, more specifically microsofts.
My results are:

*In sync with my phone (calendar, sms, music, etc.)
*Long battery life, and usb charging
*Heart rate monitor
*A quick flashlight button
*Transfer files wirelessly
-enough space
-ability to exterminate

That's it for me, what about you?
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I'd definitely want a pedometer in there... and bluetooth for connecting headphones too as long as it had room for a few mixes!


100% i want it to be able to exterminate!!!!!!

and make video calls like george jetson


I want it to be able to send and receive calls and talk on it like the old TV shows told us we were going to be able to do.

I have a FitBit Force, and it does everything I want except that I cannot talk to it or hear from it.

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