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What the hell is up with OneDrive? A huge step backwards


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I have many issues with Windows 10... no more quick switching apps, even if you only have two open... instead, it forces you to load the open app previews and pick one, and it's annoying as shit. The new start menu itself in theory would be nice if I used a dock, but it's no more than the results of a search as it's virtually impossible to setup in a convenient manner, although in Windows 7 the same holds true to some extent. The entire UI is way too busy, like they're trying to emulate OSX or something.

Overall it seems to run just as well as Windows 8, and I did not experience any of the start menu freezes that are so commonly reported.

The first problem? They removed the metro version of Skype. Even from Windows 8 when 10 came out. I used this all the time and it beat having to switch to the desktop to use Skype.

But here's the real killer, I have my entire music collection stored on my OneDrive, and it's too large to download the entire thing onto the Surface Pro (only have a 256gb model). In Windows 8/8.1, they had a metro version of OneDrive that would let me play my offline files, and choose what I wanted to sync locally. It was a great feature and worked great.

What a huge step backwards! I will be reverting back to 8.1 later tonight and maybe I will give 10.1 a shot when it comes out whenever that is. But I would have expected better from Microsoft to actually take Windows 10 more seriously, actually listen to the users and not release something that's more broken than the OS that many people hate and call it a fix.

Does anyone know if Windows 10 updated my system backup partition? I would like to do a full system restore and start from scratch.