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Poll What do you want to buy, Surface Pro or Surface Book?

What do want to buy?

  • Low end Surface Book without dGPU

    Votes: 2 3.2%
  • Mid range Surface Book with dGPU

    Votes: 13 21.0%
  • High end Surface Book with dGPU + i7

    Votes: 21 33.9%
  • Low end Surface Pro 4

    Votes: 4 6.5%
  • Mid range Surface Pro 4 (8G/16G)

    Votes: 9 14.5%
  • High end Surface Pro 4 (i7 + 16G)

    Votes: 4 6.5%
  • Surface 3

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Nope, I don't have money or I don't want to upgrade

    Votes: 9 14.5%

  • Total voters


Maybe the SB2 will get it right for my needs.

I'm starting to feel this way as well; the SB seems really cool but as it stands I'm not sure the hardware is ready yet. Feels a lot like the original SP. A bit ahead of its time and I think future iterations of it will be the way to go.

I had initially planned on getting the SB with i5/8/256/dGPU, but at the end of the day I think the i7/16/256 SP4 is the better deal for me. The tablet functionality is important to me and having to manage 3 hours (probably less) battery life on the SB probably wouldn't be very pleasant for me.


They have the cheap stuff covered and that has been the problem all along. They don't make any premium devices with compelling features (until someone comes along and forces them to do better) they are content to fight each other for the lowest price point and sacrifice all the goodness and quality in the process. Even with the new crop of Surface clones there's not one that challenges the Surface they are just me too entries with lower specs. Microsoft needs to continue being the standard bearer and push the limits of these devices because as soon as they stop the vendors will go back to yesterdays status quo.
The reason companies fight each other for the lowest price point is because that is what consumers want. They want to purchase goods, products etc at the cheapest possible price. Most people are not interested in the top of the line product. They just want something cheap and when it breaks down they just throw it away and buy another one. Hence the reason everything is made in China, or India, or Thailand, or Bangladesh. Because it is cheap. And that is what consumers want these days. We are in the throw away world today. Buy something as cheap as possible, keep it for a period of time, throw it away and buy something else. People are not looking for expensive quality built products any more. Those days are long gone. Where I live most shops only sell the cheapest bottom of the line to say the mid range product because that is what people want. If you want a more upmarket product you usually have to order it and sometimes wait weeks to get what you want. People who come onto these forums are usually geeks who want and can afford the best. Most people could not care less. They are not interested about where it is made or the quality. Price and only price matters to most people these days. Manufacturers and not going to make things to please the few they are only interested in supplying the market where they can sell the most. And that is cheap, cheap, cheap. And in a lot of cases cheap is crap but that is how the cookie crumbles. I think Microsoft might have kicked an own goal here (or shot themselves in the foot) because I think this Surface line is going to be too expensive for the average consumer.


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Saw the Book and SP4 today. I'm mostly a tablet user and had my mind set on SP4. The Book is amazing too despite the downsides of no stand and lower battery life. The tablet portion felt lighter than my SP3 even though they're about the same. Like I said before, as much as I like Book, I can't come to need it as much as I want one. It's such a compromise for me as I need a tablet 90% of the time.

If you need a laptop first, Book is it. But, SP4 for me!


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Although I'm late to the party, I think there needs to be another choice - to upgrade accessories and sit this one out. (Caveat - technolust has me drooling over the SB i7/16gb/512gb model).

There is a deep realist in me that pre-ordered the new fingerprint keyboard, pen, and dock for October 26 delivery, and see if they add shiny newness to my SP3 (i7/8gb/512gb). Other than fan noise and some "lapability" issues, the SP3 has been the best computer I have owned (notebook, ultrabook, tablet, or otherwise). From all the review I've read of the SP4, the sweet spot for a high end SP3 owner may be to wait it out for SP5 (like the iPhone tick/tock cycle). If I can tamp down the technolust for the SB, that may very well be the way I go.

It's also a tough question whether I am a tablet first or laptop first kind of guy (and whether the old eyes are helped any by the 13.5" screen). I sometimes even lust for the Dell XPS 15 Infinity...