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What is it with with Microsoft?


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I have a surface pro 4. For the last 4 weeks, the keyboard has not been working. Typing words without spaces, chopping words in half, and adding that onto other words, even other lines. Example, this just happened, "em trayThe systMy", Couldn't even use the screen top keyboard. I was just about to give the seller of the keyboard a 'charge' as it is only 6 months old. Also the taskbar does not do peep. I have continually run the surface diagnostic toolkit, troubleshooters (which tell me 'everything is running properly), and the net for ideas on how to check everything. My computer is set to update every night.

No matter what troubleshooter I use, they all say that everything on my machine is working properly when they are clearly not. Low and behold, I log in this morning and the keyboard and mouse are working as near to normal! How does that happen, by magic?

Whenever I have a surface problem I usually go to the surface contact number but that usually means wasting 4 or more hours on the phone with them as they always have to check that the machine is working and has the latest updates etc. before they attempt to give consideration to your problem. Troubleshooters are a useless waste of time. Often I end up fixing it myself. Microsoft dominates the market for the average user who doesn't know code, but they still treat us as ants that they can step on. They advertise and send messages telling the world that they care when they clearly don't think we are intelligent enough for our questions of faults and inconsistency to mean much at all. At the moment there is an email push 'trade-in and save $700' what a load of crap! Although I love this machine it is not worth the money, time spent fixing problems, and surprisingly, emotional stress. It seems to me that the minions' questions will always be put on the back burner. If anyone has had irregular typing issues could you please tell me how you fixed them, if you did of course?


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Microsoft doesn't dominate the market for the average user that doesn't code. I think that is Apple.
However I do recognize with Surface products it seems to be a hit or miss. QC could improve a lot!


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How long have you had the Surface Pro 4 and the keyboard?
Any chance you can try a different keyboard (borrow someones or test a new one at a store)?
Can you explain the issue with the screen keyboard?
Do these problems happen in Notepad, Word, or only on websites? Typing on this site has been wonky lately for me but this is the only place not that others couldn't have similar issues.
I find marketing to be universally annoying in this day and age.

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