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SP1 Network adapter HARDWARE not connected to the computer


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Hello Everybody,

I am very frustrated.

Computer: Windows 8.1, Surface Pro

Previous Steps: I was trying to get Motioninjoy to work with BT, but my BT wasn't working (PS3 connect to computer via BT). To try to fix this, I change a .inf file in MotionInjoy, but nowhere else. I installed and loaded the MotionInjoy driver, then restarted my computer with driver signatures disabled.

Issue: I can't connect to any wifi. Upon troubleshooting, MS tells me "Windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter," reinstall. In device manager, Network Adapters is hidden, so I have to goto View --> Show Hidden Devices. Under Network Adapters, everything is grayed out except for "Microsoft Kernal Debug Network Adapter." Even my BT is grayed out. Upon right clicking --> properties on any of these, it tells me:

"Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)
To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer."

Well I have a SP, so obviously I couldn't have actually disconnected it. There's no secret switch, is there?

Steps Taken: Tried to reinstall the Marvell Wireless N Adapater, but it's already up to date. I've rebooted several times.

Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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you can try this option.

open a Command prompt
Enter the following,
cd %systemroot%\system32
start compmgmt.msc

select Device Manager node and turn on "Show Hidden Devices" in the view menu,
now you should see the network, and be able to uninstall the Marvel devices.
I *8believe* you will need to uninstall them (not delete) power off your surface pro and then power it back up. it should find the hardware and reinstall the drivers. you may need at that point to power it back off and on for the drivers to take effect.

hope that works for you.


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Not to poop on your luck OP but did you get the DS3 tool grokking at all with your attempts? I have done most of what you talked about. I can get the bluetooth driver to install but when I go looking for a valid bluetooth adapter in device manager there isn't one installed.

This is on a surface pro 2. I've not entirely given up yet.... but close.