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Would be great to see some Xbox Arcade games for starters of course with Xbox 360 gamepad support.


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Plants Vs Zombies.
I suppose I would also hope for ports of Infinity Blade 1 and 2 as well :)

Honestly, if Surface can see some of the quality games that have appeared on the iPad, I will be satisfied. I am sure Gameloft will be on board for some of their generic / yet fun to play titles


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I play Age of Mythology still to this day but games like Skyrim and a good 1st person shooter and I am a happy camper.


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The Age of Empire games + Age of Mythology would be nice. I also wish it would be able to run some of the older MMO-games, and if it could run World of Warcraft on low settings smoothly I would be very happy. I think a lot of people would buy a tablet capable of doing that.


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loving the idea of age of empires and age of mythology. halo would be awesome but only if i could use my xbox gamerpad. and with how well they where boasting that surface supports about 400,000,000 usb devices i should think its in the list somewhere (i hope)


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Gamers, what title(s) do you hope make it to Windows RT? Also does anyone know what current titles are slated to hit Windows RT?
Here are the Games I'd like to see come to the Surface:

- Bike Baron
- Osmos
- AirAttack
- Doodle Bowl
- Amazing Alex
- Gesundheit!
- Grabatron
- Infinity Blade
- Scribblenauts
- Band Together
- Escape Bear
- Dead S[ace
- Tentacles (a microsoft game)
- FIFA 12
- Hot Pursuite
- Real Racing
- NBA Jam
- Game of Life ---a must--
- Boggle --a must--
- Tiger Woods 12
- Pictureka!
- Crash!
- Kingdom Rush
- NFS Shift 2
- Worms
- Swordigo
- Darkside
- The Act
- Bop It!
- Perry?
- Asphault 7
- Plants vs Zombies -- A MUST--
- Sonic Racing
- FancyPants --A Must--
- King Oddball
- Air Mail
- Star Walk (actually an app...a must)
- iBomber
- UNO ( -- A MUST--)
- Space is key
- Spy Mouse
- Jelly Defense
- Scramblies (A MUST)
- shadow gun
- Fieldrunners 2 (A MUST)
- Spin UP
- TAP TAP or Rockband
- Machinarium
- iStunt 2
- Little Things Forever
- Dark Nebula 2 ( A MUST)
- DJAY (actually an app)
- iBlastMoki 2
- MR Ninja (A MUST)
- Parachute Ninja (A MUST)
- Reckless Racing 2 (A MUST)
- Skee Ball
- Tilt to Live (A MUST)
- Zombie Carnaval
- Mirror's Edge
- Robotek
- They must be fed
- Drop Chicken
- Jaws HD
- Continuity 2
- 10 PIN Shuffle (A MUST)
- Pizza VS Skeletons
- Rayman Run
- Adobe IDEAS (an app)
- World of Goo (a Must)
- Labyrinth 2 (a must)
- Soosiz (A Must)
- Monkey Island series
- A Toca Boca games....great for young kids
- Sentinel 3 (a Must)
- skylanders
- death rally
- wonderputt

multiplayer games

- PaddleBattle (a must)
- Marble Mixer
- Table Twister
- Ring Fling
- Multipong
- Orbital
- Bad Piggies and the rest of the angry birds games

APPS that --have-- to show up soon or it will hurt the surface changes

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