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outlook not there ater edge link closes

hopefully the title is clear, in the right forum section and most of all my question is clear. In tablet mode, when I hit a hyperlink in an email, edge opens. All is good until I close the edge window, expecting to be back in my outlook app, but its not there. Instead I'm taken back to the windows main start screen and I have to open outlook again. I know I can work in non tablet mode, but its my choice for navigating emails quickly in tablet. Any setting or option I can change to make it work the way I want it to?


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I just tested it on my SP3 and it does what you said if I switch to tablet mode. I still haven't got use to the idiosyncrasy's & quirkiness of the Tablet mode, so I don't use it but I'll keep checking and playing with it to see if it serves a good purpose for me. But to continue on with your problem, I noticed that my Outlook and the email I had opened were still alive but just minimized on the taskbar. I don't see it being a problem to need to just click on them to open them back up on the desktop.