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What to expect with the Surface Pro 2


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I just got the Surface Pro. However, I just learned that there will be a new Surface Pro 2. How much of difference will the Surface Pro 2 be from the Surface Pro?. Should I have waited longer?:(. Thanks.


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New pro will have newer Haswell processor. Meaning more power and better batter life. Adjustable kickstand for 2 different angles. Possibly a higher Res. Screen. Talks of 4-8gb of RAM options.

No doubt its going to be a better device all around. Bit that doesn't mean you did bad buying a current pro. Especially of you got it on a good deal. Just a matter of you more concerned about having the latest and greatest and wanting better battery life.

With that said. Current pro still a great device. Especially now that new one is announcing, people can get first generation pros on great deals.


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Don't feel bad... there's always something new around the corner. I'm just mostly gutted about getting my first scratch on it a few weeks ago! I wonder if you'll be able to install the new kickstand on the old machine, as that's where it is.


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To make this thread relevant to apps since it's totally in the wrong forum...

Surface Pro 2 will be able to run more apps faster due to increased memory and faster CPU. There.

Also, there are multiple threads in the news, general, and pro subforums about Pro 2.

And no, I highly doubt you can install the new kickstand to old units. Ultramobile engineering has very tight hardware specifications, so if something is a micron off, it probably won't fit. Besides, you'd have to buy a Pro 2 (or RT v2) and destroy it to get the new kickstand, so what was the point again?


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Just in case they did spare parts... very unlikely I know. I'd pay for a SP1 kickstand if you could get one.


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VictorS if I were you, I'd probably return the surface pro 1 and wait a few more weeks for the surface pro 2 which will probably sell for almost the same price. The surface pro 1 will also definitely drop in price significantly.


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I agree with soldier. So late into the game you might as well hold off. Either way if you go with 1st generation, the price drop on it will increase even more once new version releases. If you are past return date, then don't sweat it. 1st generation still a great device. Plus with power cover coming out, it'll extend battery life for 1st generation pro even more so. Imo, the only drawback to first pro is battery life. Its processor and hd 4000 is more than capable.,, even processor power wise, the increase from ivy bridge to Haskell is not mind blowing. The best gains come from it being more efficient therefore better battery life. Plus the possibility of even better graphics performance like hd 4500 or hd5000 graphics.

Once newer version drops, it'll be a great time to get first generation at an excellent price.
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