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if you received your 3rd SP3 and still found defects would you bother with exchanging for the 4th ti

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Right i'm sitting here waiting for my 3rd SP3 i7/512

Now i'm a patient man alot of the time, but i'm starting to loose said patience due to the build of the SP3. First one turned up in a pristine box, but the screen was scratched, then my replacement turned up 5 days later only to discover the Volume UP button DOA. I'm now waiting on a Advanced exchange, which as it stands if it ships today will be only 1 days quicker than standard exchange, which is poor at best, if it doesn't ship today then it will be as long as standard, or worse it maybe be longer.

Now i'm puzzled at the point of the Advanced exchange if it takes as long as standard, i'm not using it in case of accidental damage, so what is the point of such lengthy exchanges?

Thats my first thing.

My second thing is the concern over receiving a 3rd device and its just a bad or worse than previous devices, my concern lays here as I bought my SP3 on 1st september since then I've used the "device" for 2 hours, in 17 days due to defects. It's all good and well MS having my £1,648 and saying it will turn up soon, if I pay that much I kinda expect a quality product, and some level of service which isn't 'wait ya f'in turn'

Whats yours thoughts on this? I'm thinking if this 3rd device shows up and is anything less than perfect (bearing in mind the MS Rep stated today that refurbs are now in exchange system) to just call it quits on the SP3 and seek my money back.

I don't even see why refurbs should even be on the cards due to buying new and not having it for any reasonable length of time I see no reason I should even get one but i'll just be glad to get anything that works at this point. This for a new purchase has been a terrible experience and the last time I purchase from MS direct due to all this waiting, and frankly the Quality Control is a friggin joke.

I'm sure someone will say there are X amount of duds per Y number but every ones i've had has been X, so far 100% have had issues, even if the 3rd turns up and is great thats still 66% defect rate, I've bought smartphones and only had to return one in 10 years and I had a new one in hand within minutes.

So the question is,
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Return it for a refund and buy a new one (if you still want an SP3). You will only receive refurbished units otherwise. If problems arise during the return period, do not even bother with MS support (perhaps there should be a sticky advising this).


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I agree about the return. I did that with my first i7. Bought an i5 and waited for the second i7, which I tested then returned.


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I absolutely love the SP3 form factor and what it offers so I'd keep returning it until I got a satisfactory device..


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I mean it depends what's wrong with it. And knowing how long it takes the get one it's a hard task. But I still have to recommend waiting for a new one.


I would certainly persevere, but get s refund and get a NEW sp3 from the store.

I took my first SP3 back and the replacement new one I bought was manufactured around 12 weeks later from what I gather from the lot number, and is damn near perfect. Really happy with my new one, so is worth going that route. I think they must have resolved some early manufacturing issues.


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If it were not for the student discount, as I told the Microsoft rep I was dealing with the other day, I would never ever buy from the Microsoft online store again. I told him they should either open a shop in London (you're trying to directly compete against apple yet don't have a single kiosk let alone shop in the whole of the UK) or expect people to shop elsewhere. Common sense would suggest they make more money selling themselves than to a third party to resell.

So yes, if it were me and I was not going for EDU discount, I would just buy from anshop so I can see if it is in an acceptable condition.

Also, advanced replacement will get you a refurb device, so possibly even more likely for there to be some issue than had you waited for a brand new device.

My device has a couple of big issues with the kickstand, but ice decided just to enjoy it and when it does finally give up the ghost, ill return it then.


I haven't experienced the issues that you have, but I can understand your frustration. I am fortunate to live near a MS store, so I would get a refund and then go to the store and physically look at the device before leaving the store.

I am just waiting for mine (ha, ordered online..., but its a work computer)...