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What would you guys advise?


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I would only exchange it if I was fearful of the tingling. Is there anybody you know that has an SP3 that would allow you to check to see if you feel tingling touching their SP3. If so, & you find out that you feel tingling on another SP3 than you know that it's normal & I'd keep the one you have. If you don't feel the tingling on another SP3, you might try to plug the other power pack into your SP3 and see if you still get the tingling. If you don't, than you just need to work with MS to get your power pack replaced. What you're doing is dividing the problem in half. Is it just your SP3, if not, is it your power pack.


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If it's not too late, since you're exchanging yours for an exact duplicate, take a snap of the drive & install that on the new one... won't that give you software, settings etc. just like you had on the previous SP3?


It went off this morning so all sent now it's now a case of wait and see. I miss it already, relegated to my Nexus 7.