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When Docked, Monitor Starts Flashing When Screen Turns Off


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I have my Surface 4 configured to turn off the screen after 5 minutes.

My setup:
  • Surface 4 Pro
  • Surface 4 dock (brick style)
  • Belkin Mini Displayport to HDMI adapter
  • Asus VE247 Monitor - 1920 x 1080, 23.6"
  • When docked, I use only my monitor.
When the screen turns off after 5 minutes, the monitor doesn't turn off. It tries to turn off, but something wakes it up immediately. Then it will show "no signal" and goes back to off. And this repeats. I have uploaded a video of the problem here.

When I connect the Belkin adapter directly to the tablet, it works fine. Only when it is connected to the dock, the problem appears. Anybody else facing this issue?