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Where to Buy and Return Policy


This policy is one of the reasons that Microsoft is going to fail. I pre-ordered two Surfaces - with the intention of keeping both if we LIKE them. We have no reason to think we won't and what risk do we have anyway? 30 day return policy. But that is UNOPENED and UNUSED. In the next few days Microsoft will make an announcement and change the return policy on the Surface. There is no way that Ballmer is all in with Windows 8 and the Surface and doesn't have enough confidence to let people take them home and see if they are a fit.


Where do you see UNUSED?

The language of the return policy says: " provided the item has not been opened or altered from its original state and does not show wear or damage" (emphasis mine). That is, provided the item you purchased has not been opened or altered. It does not say provided the box or shipping materials have been unopened or altered. I think it's pretty clear that Microsoft does not want and will not accept returned items where the item, i.e. Surface or Xbox or mouse, has been physically opened and altered or moded or dropped repeatedly on the floor and stomped on.


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I'm with you MHC that is my interpretation as well. I don't think MS is at all out of line with standard return and exchange policies form pretty much any other manufacturer. I don't know why people are freaking out over this. If you aren't sure you will like it and are concerned with a narrow interpretation of the return policy don't pre-order one. What is so hard about this?

Maybe 30 minutes in BestBuy isn't enough to decide if you want to buy one or not but 6 months from now you should know everything there is to know about how it works and be able to make an informed decision. Either have some patience or don't cry about being an early adopter who feels like they got burned. It is like this with every product, not just this one. MS's exchange/return policy is not a make a break for this product I assure you of that. If that is really your biggest concern here then this is probably not a purchase you should be making in the first place.
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