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OT: return policy

The reciept says 14 day return policy, but online it says 30 days. If my Surface Pro is unopened, will the store honor the 30 day? I want the SP2, but they wouldn't allow me to purchase it when my SP1 broke, but they gave me ann unopened box.
Its 14 days. Now if you get it from best buy and are a premier member with enough points, then you get up to like 45 days or so for a return. I don't get your last sentence though.
Since it was after the 14days, and the surface broke, they swapped out my unit for one that was still sealed in the box.
And since he wouldn't allow me to pay the price difference for a preorder for the SP2, I'm wondering if he did it this way in a way for me to swap the unit when the SP2 comes in. But that's longer than 14days from now.
I would but he was being a pain. There's a whole other story about that manager. So that's why I asked the question here. Since he finally swapped it out I was curious if maybe the 30 day would apply to an unopened box. At least then I could return it and get the SP2.
There's no way for us to know the fine print of returns for the store you went to. If the store's website says 30 days but it's 14 days on the receipt, it could be that some stores have separate return/exchange periods for different types of products (e.g. electronics) or the 30-day applies strictly to online purchases or whatever else. Why not call the store's customer service line? Warranty exchanges through MS are a different story.
To be honest I've never had a problem returning things after the date has expired, I think they just put them on there to make you bring it back sooner rather than later.