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Where's the "Dim display after" power setting in Windows 8.1?


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In Windows 7 and Windows 8, there's a setting called "Dim display after" to control how long of an idle before the display dims (but not yet turn off).
I have a Surface pro, I just upgraded to 8.1 and this function just disappeared. In Windows 8.1, I can't find this setting anymore.My Surface had the option to control the dim idle time under the advanced power settings dialog in Windows 8. But in Windows 8.1 that setting is missing. What's even more strange is that the setting to control the brightness of the screen when it's dimmed is still there--it's just the idle timeout for dimming that's missing. In both cases.
Is anyone else seeing this? Is this a bug?


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Just wondering if anyone has any ideas about this same problem in Windows 10. I have Surface Pro 4, and the option is missing by default. I found a REG file to download which added the option back in. But even if I put a time in this new option, it does not have any effect. So the driver must be missing the function. Why would they remove such a useful function which would save battery life?


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Agreed, also think this is really odd and would like to see this feature to be returned....


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There is a new update so I am trying to download this today. Hope this will deal with this obvious waste of battery power.


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i recently bought a new ThinkPad X1 Tablet (Gen 3) and was looking for a solution to turn off the Screen while keeping the Device running.
Now to make things short, it doesn't work. Display off puts the Device to Sleep. The only possibility would be to disable Connected Standby which wasn't a solution for me personally.

So then i was looking for a solution to at least dim the display after x minutes. While there are some programs out there, none of them really fitted my needs as some just mess around with gamma which doesn't really reduce the display's backlight. Same effect as setting the Screensaver to Black.

So i decided to do a small Visual Studio Project called DDA (Dim Display After). The lightweight standalone system tray application makes use of the WMI namespace to get and set the display brightness to a specific value after x minutes and to restore the brightness on a user input (keyboard, mouse).


The program only works on Laptops / Tablets.
I am running it on Windows 10 Pro and didn't test it on Windows 8.

Maybe it will be useful for other people too.

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