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Freeze, constant freezing - screen dims slightly


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Not sure if anyone has experienced this, read lots of forums can't find the same fault.

When the Surface has booted to windows 8.1 or windows 10. Tried the software, fresh install and different type cover. Basically a new setup.

Tried the reset power off and hold down power button for full power off / reset etc.

The screen dims ever so slightly and the input from type cover doesn't do anything. Strange thing is the Caps lock light still manages to go On/Off when depressed. Usually when a computer freezes that normally isn't recognized. So no input from key or trackpad, after a little while it does that beep sound like error notification.

When I press the power button then it comes alive but soon freezes some times a few seconds other times a few minutes if lucky.

Surface pro 3 is out of warranty so no returns. Really annoying because its almost impossible to run anything.



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If you did a full wipe refresh and it started doing that with nothing installed, and it is doing it consistently I think you need to send it in for an RMA Electronics do fail.