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Which screen protector?


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Hi, everyone, just wondering what you guys have had good luck with for screen protectors. Which ones work well? Which ones feel most like paper with the stylus? Which ones don't work well? I'm also interested in back/side protectors if anyone has any comments. Thanks!


I only tried 1 so far and that's the skinomi techskin protector. Been using it since i got it last year =)
No problems with it so far


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The biggest problem I have found with screen protectors on the SP is that they make the screen hard to clean. The glass on the SP cleans very easily with a cloth made for such things. With a screen protector the oils seem to just smear around. As far as a "paper" feel your best bet for that will be an anti-glare protector, but of course you will sacrifice visual clarity which is not fun. After trying 3 different protectors I just decided to leave it naked.


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I'm all about security and privacy so I originally bought the Incipio Privacy Screen Protector.

It didn't last a day! It made my screen too dark and you can't get out all those bubbles, which annoyed me. So I resorted back to the beautiful SP screen as-is, as it was meant to be seen and used. :)

My Type Cover is my screen protector. ;)


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I bought a skin that protected the bezel and I feel that's protection enough. I always have it wrapped with the type keyboard and if I set it face down, the skin should take care of most problems. No issues so far.


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I bought the overpriced one from the MS Store (not the privacy one). Gives a slightly "rubbery" feel, but I lind of like it, been one for a month and other than one corner where I mucked up on installation has been fine.


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Zagg invisibleSHIELD

I purchased the Ghost Armor full skin and am very happy with it.

My question is this. I purchased and installed the Zagg Invisible shield, which I admit has amazing protection BUT if you use your stylus, don't bother buying this shield because the stylus is no longer useable since it is such a thick rubbery shield. It snags the stylus and you cannot apply any pressure in order to get the correct input. I would much rather have a "Flat" screen protector...

So my question is which of the screen protectors that you guys are recommending will NOT hinder the use of the stylus? Thanks in advance!


We have apple stores everywhere but there's only one MS store in the entire state guess MS just don't care about us buckeyes.


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The Crystal Clear protector from PPC Techs Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC Phone, Smartphone, Palm Home is awesome! It maintains the high color quality of the Surface and barely changes the sensitivity of the stylus (if at all) while taking notes. It's extremely easy to install without any bubbles. I highly recommend it!

I'm also using the Metal Matte Skin from Stickerboy ? Welcome and have gotten tons of complements on the look and feel of the skin. I would just be careful when installing the bezel skin onto your screen protector since the bezel will remove your screen protector if you install the SP to your screen first. Make sure you apply the sticker to the SP then apply both to the screen!
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I ended up with the Ghost Armor set. Seems to do a good job and doesn't interfere with the stylus at all.