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Which Surface to get?


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@cricket1001 ,

Thanks for sharing your decision-making with the world of Surface shopping. Others will certainly benefit from the information here.

And congratulations on your SP7 i7. A wonderfully powerful machine!

Gus Smedstad

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Surface Pros of all varieties are discounted $200 right now, but that deal didn’t show up until a few days after Black Friday.

The premium for 512 GB vs. 256 GB storage is very high, $400 for the extra 256 GB storage. Which is ridiculous considering that a 512 GB SSD can be had for $70. At least you can buy a 256 GB microSD card for $30-$60. It won’t be as fast as onboard storage, but it’s adequate for things like photos.


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Well, I purchased the SP7 with i7, 16gb ram, 256gb memory. I wanted to get 512 but the cost was too much. Also, my waiting until Black Friday was a waste of time. I didn’t get any deals on my purchase. :( Thanks for everyone’s help!!!
I too upgraded from the SP3 to this same config SP7. It's a huge upgrade in performance. Don't worry about the SSD space, you can add a mSD card and if you use OneDrive you can choice which files or folders you sync on both and which you leave on OneDrive to save space.

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