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My Microsoft vs Apple short story


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Was on the Surface reddit forums the other day and after being engaged for a while I decided to write this. Also I would like to say I broke a couple of ribs earlier that day and had taken pain medication which I have no tolerance for so I was a little doped up when writing this.

This is pretty much how I can sum it up and I will do it in story mode!. Apple has the iPad for a few years and is comfortable and snug. Microsoft made the surface pro, Apple says nobody want's a full pc in a tablet because the original Surface was kinda hefty and we all thinks apple just thinks thinner is better. Apple is at a loss of words when the Surface Brand gains traction because they were told nobody would ever want a stylus, it's the worst thing ever! Apples pride makes it so they cant say they were wrong but had to come up with some type of solution. Instead of putting OS X on a tablet and admitting they were wrong but came up with what they thought was a good plan. a Great plan! We will just add a stylus to an ipad and call the stylus that we said nobody ever wanted a pencil because no one would realize it's just a stylus and put Pro at the end be smug. Microsoft says hey look at this Surface book with touch screen and detachable tablet form. Apple still to prideful says hey, watch this, you can have touch on a MacBook too! in the form of the touch bar! YAY. Problem Solved! Microsoft comes up with a surface studio all in one that the screen can be brought down to write on. So Apple once again says, check this out. We aren't really going to innovate at all but we will put a Pro after the iMac and be all good because people said you don't care about pros no more. In between all that MS says hears all the crap about the MacBook pros keyboard and dongles and dongles and Emojis and smugly said, lets actually make a real laptop! We will call it the Surface Laptop! and both went their separate ways.


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I like apples and oranges.
I like burgers and pizza.
Each have different flavors, nutrients, and uses.
Each are better in different situations, meeting different needs.
I like football and baseball and soccer.
I like blue shirts and green shirts. And red. And ...
No need to choose one, and shun the others.
My 'favorite' changes by my current hunger or need, or the day, or the season.

When cuisine or contests or colors or clothes or computers compete for my cash, I win every time.