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Rick Sutliffe

Rick Sutliffe

I Just want to clear the Surface RT's name... The problem I was having with Home when I accessed the site with my Surface was that the links across the tops of the pages didn't function. I assumed it was an RT problem because I had no problems with a variety of Windows versions prior to the Surface RT version of Windows 8. This is a very simple site that I designed and administer using LMSoft Web Creator Pro Version 5. I recently installed Windows 8 Pro on my desktop and found the problem occurs in the full version of Win8 as well, both Metro and Desktop. So, since I can no longer blame the hardware, I rewrote the links and everything works fine, both on the Surface and my desktop. I still have no idea why the very vanilla code didn't work on Win8, but it was not the fault of the Surface or Win8 RT. just sayin"... Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions along the way.
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