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Why do some sites not stream??


Ok.. Real talk.. there is a certain site like to visit, one of my favorites is a ... umm.. dirty site NOT SAFE FOR WORK, its beeg dot com.

In anycase, :) for some reason, every time I click a video, rather then simply streaming it, like it does on every device I have (including other tables) the surface wants to download it instead of just streaming it.

What gives? this tablet is by far the best thing out there and everything I've thrown at it works flawlessly, except this :(


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I tried the sit and it does not work for my surface 2 either. The site uses a .flv file format. This is not a standard streaming format and will not play on any RT device. I am sure there more to it but that is my basic understanding.


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.FLV is an older flash variant and not very trustworthy in my books...I would stay away personally