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Why Not Just Sleep Forever?

Sir Face

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Since I frequently have difficulty "waking up" my new S2 after I have had it totally shut down for several hours (hangs on boot up), I'm just thinking, why "shut down" at all, unless there's a really significant battery drain during "sleep"? I realize that you probably wouldn't want to store it for long time periods "asleep", but why not, as long as you are pretty much using it every day or so? Is this practical or is that to battery draining?


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Some people have had their Surface to wake up unexpectedly in their bag and literally overheat. I haven't had mine to do that but I have noticed a couple of times while putting it in the bag that it had awaken even though I had put it to sleep. So I have set my power button to hibernate mode and have even thought about changing it to power off if I notice it awake again when I go to put it in my bag.

I didn't mention the difference... In Hibernation and Shutdown the SP2 cannot be turned on with the keyboard, a mouse, or the windows button on the screen on the tablet. To turn it on you have to press the power button and this is why I feel much more secure having mine set to hibernate as to sleep.
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I have never had a problem with mine losing battery percentage in either sleep mode or hibernation mode. For others with the bad December firmware that's a totally different story. But for me I could go to bed at 85% and wake up 8 hours later and be at 83% or 84% consistently.

But you can try this a few nights for yourself and see.


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Hey Mickey.... OP is referring to the Surface 2 not the Pro or Pro 2.

OP - The Surface and Surface 2 run on the ARM SoC and uses a different Power Management than traditional computers, referred to as Connected Standby (similar to a Smartphone or Mobile OS Tablet). The Surface goes into this sleep state but is still able to download email, receive Skype or Lync IMs or VOIP Calls, download News or RSS without consuming to much battery (around 1 to 5% on extended Connected Standby sessions).

I never shutdown my Surface 2, I always use Sleep.