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Wifi 1080p Streaming


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I have recently purchased the HDMI Adapter and am pleased to report it works as intended. A certain movie playing app is working well, 720 and 1080p files work as intended, BUT 1080p does not stream over the wifi network without occasional stuttering. I have ensured it's not a limitation of the device, plugging in a usb flash drive and said 1080p file plays fine, it's definitely the wifi streaming.

I have also owned HD Media players whereby I encountered similar issue, eventually I wired my PS3 and HD Media player with Ethernet to ensure fluid and smooth playback of 1080p content, so it's not surprising that the Surface 2 is suffering in this regard also.

My question is; it's been a long time since I have researched modems, have things progressed to such a degree that wifi 1080p streaming is now possible?

I don't know whether to buy a new modem (mines is due an upgrade anyway) or invest in the ethernet adapter ($50) and I'll prolly need a usb hub (as my K400 keyboard currently occupies that space).

So it's basically a case of Ethernet adapter (+ hub) vs modern modem than guarantees 1080p streaming (over wifi).

Anyone had success?