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Will unlinking skydrive from local folder delete cloud files?


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Hey all,

I understand that if you delete files on your local skydrive folder, the same will be updated to the cloud. But, after some searching, I'm having trouble determining whether, if I use the "unlink Skydrive" function in the Skydrive preferences on my Macbook Pro, will that delete everything on my Skydrive? Or, will the files remain, because the service is no longer checking for updates on my local machine?


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After experimenting and risking losing 57gigs worth of files on Skydrive, it turns out you can unlink skydrive from your PC without losing the files on Skydrive. Will now be manually managing storage through the web app.


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Wow thats a lot of data to risk loosing. Why would you not want it linked? :smile:


I unlinked and then later deleted my SkyDrive. One of the problems was related to folder redirection (I did this because with the app/program you cannot arbitrarily decide which folders sync), the other was sync issues. Certain files would hang, others would get put in some sort of review loop for trademark infringement or something that would last for days (so much for that assertion that nobody spies) (and no, I didn't infringe - we're talking regular old OneNote files and Word docs I authored from scratch). NSA spying was the last straw