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Win 8.1 overview

Content on the SD Cards is treated as local storage without hacks or Libraries. Xbox Music found all of my music, Photos the same, etc..

That is good news. The hack always worked for me, but it is a lot better to get official support. I started to use Mediamonkey because Xbox music couldn't find my music, so I think I will give Xbox music another try.

As for the 50:50 split I am sure apps will have been sorted by the full release. This is the feature I been looking forward to most (for RT) and I still can't try it out. No download for UK yet :cry:
My problems with Windows 8.1 RT Preview - Please, if you can help someway, reply this message:

1) Error on IE11 (Error: possible error with .gwt.xml module file...) - many sites return this error, but I can keep using after clicking OK. Sites like BlogSpot.com also mentions features that could not work with the browser (but couldn't find any in fact)
2) Windows + S screen clipping (feature from OneNote) now opens the Search Charm. Don't know not which key is used for OneNote Clipping
3) Couldn't find how to synchronize with Outlook RT with Live.com/Outlook.com/Exchange so I can have all appointments, contacts and tasks sync with other devices/computers
4) Some apps are not behaving like before. Some minor screen weird behavior, some apps are slower now, OneNote copy and paste from one note to another sometimes is very slow
5) When I check manually Apps Update, it always bring the Windows 8.1 new apps to be installed as it was not installed before...it happens also with some other 3rd party apps
6) My music, video and photo apps can't see my SD card anymore (it was working before with the mounted volume at SD Folder on C:/)

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On your number 3 - You should be able to add your Outlook.com to Outlook 2013 RT through the Add Account off the Backstage
On your number 4 - Apparently we are waiting for the updated Tegra 3 Video Driver that is WDDM 1.3 compliant (this will also allow for Miracast to work), my guess next Tuesday we'll see a Firmware Update
On your number 5 - This is a known issue, if you run cancel the install, close the Windows Store and run wsreset.exe and then check for updates all but the Reader will install.
On your number 6 - Remove the mounted volume from the Library and then add the actual path to the SD card and it should show up, also you can move the default folders to the SD card as well.
For number 3 - I had a ton of issues with mail. I went into the control panel ->Mail icon and removed all accounts I had tried to setup. I uninstalled the "Metro" mail, people, calendar, messaging app. Rebooted, then reinstalled mail, people, calendar, messaging and everything started working normally again.
You mean that it seamlessly uses the SD card as additional storage?

Yes, they did it two ways-

1. They fixed Windows Search to recognize a removable SD card
2. Libraries now accept SD card locations

Try it if you have 8.1- PC & devices > Devices > Default save location