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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Rolling Out August 2nd


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Microsoft announced that they will be pushing out a Windows 10 Anniversary update to all owners of Windows 10. This update will be downloadable for free starting August 2nd, 2016. The update includes a fairly significant number of new features. Here's a breakdown:
  • Improved security included in Windows Hello and Windows Defender updates (detailed below).
  • Windows Hello will let you log in to apps without a password. You can also access websites with biometric authentication using Microsoft Edge
  • Windows Defender will now let you schedule quick scans on your PC to run automatically as well as provide summaries once it is finished.
  • Microsoft Edge gets power-saving improvements. It will now consume less memory, use fewer CPU cycles, and minimize background activity
  • Extensions for Edge will be available in the Windows Store and it will now support modern web standards, like HTML5, CSS3 and ARIA.
  • Xbox Play Anywhere lets you buy a game on your Xbox One or PC and includes instant ownership on both platforms.
  • Language Region Independence for Cortana is coming to Xbox One
  • Support for background music is also coming to Xbox One
  • Includes a new app that helps schools set up their Windows 10 PCs
  • Cortana improvements will help you save and recall data
  • Windows Ink is a brand new feature that “enables people to write on a device as they would on paper.”
For even more detail, hit up the Microsoft source link here: Microsoft announces Windows 10 anniversary update available Aug. 2 | News Center.