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New Features in Windows 10 Show up in Latest Build Leak


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Here's an excerpt regarding several new features coming in Windows 10:

Cortana support is “the biggest new feature since the recent technical preview,” the publication notes, revealing that the virtual assistant is now available at the top of the search interface in Windows 10, responding both to text and voice commands.

The new Xbox app “appears to be a gateway to the entire Xbox ecosystem,” offering users access to plenty of features, including the Store, achievements, friends lists and activity feeds.

Other changes in build 9901 include a new calculator app, new animations to the TaskView switcher, and a new settings app that’s similar to the Control Panel.

Finally, the Windows Store app in Windows 10 has also been updated, and now includes apps, games, music, movies and TV show, as it looks like Microsoft is interested in letting users access all its digital content offerings from a single location...

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Windows 10 (W10) is the new XP.
Five years from now everything will be running Win 10.10 :D
Except for those STILL running XP. ;)


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Windows 7 is the new Windows XP. After all, the point of that XP era is to cling to old tech despite new product (dislike change, don't want new features, peculiar backwards compatibility, etc.).

I don't have Win8.1 Phone and haven't followed anything about Cortana, but my first thought back when it was announced was, I believe, "Gee, that's an awfully fancy paperclip." ;)


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Aww yes the paper clip.!! Mind you ever since I had a n android phone with google Now I've wanted the same feature on my PC.