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Windows 10 Battery Life Problem System won't sleep


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I just upgraded from windows 8.1 (fully patched) using the wipe existing data and apps option during the install and everything seems fine but my system will not sleep. So my battery is dead within a few hours.

After doing a powerfg /requests

I see my audio card has a steam open that will not close. This happens with both the default windows hd audio driver and the win 10 drivers from the realtek website (8.1 drivers from ms refuse to install).

So far I have tried turning off Cortana and it makes no difference.

Chad Nelson

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My 1st gen pro has lost power saving period after installing win10 (complete fresh install.... even deleted all the hidden partitions during install). I know my battery is losing capacity due to age and prolific use, but it has fell off the charts running win10.

No matter what I try.... tapping the power button (this used to put it into sleep mode which worked well at retaining a charge) or clicking start button/power/sleep (I don't see an option to hibernate), I come back and it's drained to 0%! I just LOVE the new OS, from the new interface, start menu, Cortana and the improvements to apps... especially Mail, but I need some sort of battery! Suppose I could shut it down completely every time I leave, but that's a major pain. I really don't want to go back to 8.1, or to have wasted all this time setting it up, but not sure what else to do at this point.