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What's your win 10 upgrade experience?

Will you stay with win 10?

  • go Win 10 all the way

    Votes: 11 91.7%
  • back to 8.1

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  • ill wait for more guinea pigs

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as one of the guinea pigs on testing windows 10 on sp2...this is what i have experienced...
i didn't encounter any major problems (yet) on upgrading my sp2 to windows 10...

Performance(updated) - Laggy at first since the graphics driver was not yet installed. after the windows update it works fine.
Applications(working) - Photoshop(buggy until graphics was updated),Blender,Zbrush,Visual Studio,etc.
Screen Brightness Control(updated) - Not working until the windows update.
Sleep(updated) - At first it was gone in the "Choose what the power button does" setting on the power options. after the update it was working fine. no wake ups, no draining.
Battery Life(updated) - brightness was max so it drain faster until the updated , after that, no significant change since win 8.1. *update....not as good as 8.1
Power Cover(working) - extra battery works, gestures work on the touch pad(2 finger scroll, 3 finger tap/swipe)
Touch Cover(not good) - keyboard and 2 finger scroll works fine but the other settings/gestures are not present in the touch pad settings(probably because its the first generation touch cover)
Heat - no significant change since 8.1. no high CPU/RAM/DISK bursts
Pen(working) - didn't have to reinstall the Wacom driver, pressure works, palm rejection improved(only rejects hand side of the screen) *set your handedness on the pen settings
Volume Buttons(working)
Dock and video-out(working)
Storage went from 171gb free to 163gb free space. *haven't deleted the windows.old

Method used-
since the upgrade app didn't appear on my windows 8.1(since i turn off/manual the updates) i mounted and updated using the Windows 10 ISO file from Microsoft.
after the upgrade, the animations where laggy and the sleep and brightness was not working. i let the windows update install the graphics driver. then restart. the lag, sleep and brightness was fixed. then stopped the auto windows update(for now) and changed it to "Defer Upgrades" on Settings>Update and Recovery> Advance options. also enabled the group policy on windows update to notify for download and install. Turn-off a lot of things in the settings(privacy stuff, how updates are delivered, other personal preferences, etc.)

Overall experience was fine, i think ill stick with win 10 for I didn't have any problems with windows 10(for now). Everything works just fine but there are some features that i was expecting but did not appear(touch screen gestures), text scaling on some part still blurry, etc.
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I installed W10 on my old HP Slate 500 to ascertain to upgrade my SP2 short answer I'll wait awhile before installing on Mt SP2. I really dislike Edge, so I'll wait for more improvements in the future before taking the plunge.


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For me in general I like Win 10 on my Surface pro 3. I was worried that the tablet experience would be diluted but actually I find it fine and I like that the start screen scrolls in vertical way compared to horizontal on win 8 as it's easier to scroll with the thumb up and down rather than left/right.

I do have some problems with the tablet sleeping properly though whcih I never had on win 8.1. I also find Edge a 50/50 experience, in some ways I really like it in others it's buggy, it's almost completely impossible to type comments in facebook threads as the text either jumps up to a new post box or duplicates itself without spaces... WHAT???!!?!? Other than that it's ok though. On my Desktop which now runs win 10 I've installed Chrome and don't use edge, but on the SP3 I'm wary of chrome, however Edge is a bit frustrating at present.


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I had Win10TP installed on a 50GB partition on my SP3 and had problems after build 1062, wouldn't boot. I tried upgrading the Win8.1 partition and kept getting error 80070003, and couldn't even Refresh or Restore from the SSD (files missing error).
So, I did a full Restore of Win8.1 from a USB Recovery thumb drive I previously created (thanks God, everyone should make a USB Recovery drive), let it install 108 updates and then it upgraded to Win10.

Been working as well as expected. I removed boot option to Win10TP in msconfig/boot and reformatted the 50GB partition to use as a spare data store.

My stepson upgraded his 2 hand-me-downs, my old Surface Pro running Win 8.1 and my old Dell Studio 17 i7 laptop running Win7 both with no problem.