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Windows 10: data upload not working on wifi


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Since upgrading to Windows 10 I had had huge problems with sending emails when connected to my home wifi (Fritzbox router)
It does work occasionally but generally the emails just sit in the inbox.
I also noticed today that my Onedrive isn't sending data up to the server.

If I connected to my 4G wifi hotspot on iPhone everything works perfectly.

Any ideas for a fix?

Outlook (office 365)

I also tried to run an upload speedtest from a website and it timed out. The same test worked fine on a windows 7 laptop connected to the same wifi network.

Might not work, but we've (my work) has had tons of support calls where Outlook doesn't send on Windows 10 for mysterious reasons. Every time we've closed Outlook, run sfc /scannow from the command prompt (admin) and let it fix the errors, and then it's worked fine.

However more specific to you, you mentioned it works fine over mobile data but not your home broadband (sorry I don't know who/what Fritzbox refers too) which would suggest the port may be blocked by your ISP.

Outgoing will generally run through port 25, 587 or 465 depending on the security, so it may be worth changing/playing about with that and seeing if that makes a difference.
my outgoing outlook email works fine from my windows 7 laptop. The fact that anything uploading data (ie onedrive) seems to be stopped makes me think it is a more generic problem
Fritbox is a popular brand of voip router