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Windows 10 has been changing default application settings


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I have seen this more than once on customer systems even before the sited update here

Microsoft has not provided a list of the affected applications but it appears that if Microsoft deems an installed application is not approved for Windows 10 it will change the default application settings without notification.

A partial quote from another WEB site:

"After you install KB 3135173, these older programs might be flagged by the operating system; in some cases, users were bombarded with a notification area error message stating that “A default app was reset.” One way to get rid of the annoying popups is to upgrade to a newer version of the software that meets Win10’s approved installation process."


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Seems like we (the industry as a whole) went from one extreme to the other. At one point we couldn't do anything without a project plan, not even as simple as tying your shoe, now everything changes on a whim at any time without notice and we're in such a hurry we don't even look to see if there's water in the pool before diving in and if there's not it's ok because we'll turn it on fast and only lose a few in the process, all is normal.
SNAFU and just a step from FUBAR.