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Microsoft announces further Start Menu changes for Windows 10


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"When it comes to Windows, there's no feature that's been more controversial in the past few years than the Start menu. In Windows 7, few people complained about it. Then, in Windows 8, it transformed into some sort of abomination. They brought back a more familiar version, albeit an updated one, for Windows 10. And now it looks like Microsoft is ready to roll out some new changes to the Start menu once again.

Don't worry, Microsoft knows how sensitive people are about the Start menu, so they're not about to get rid of it once again. Instead, the forthcoming changes appear to be related to the way it displays programs. The proposed change involves adding a new hamburger menu to the top left of the start menu, next to the Most Used Apps list. This will be used for accessing your programs. You'll also find the All Apps list underneath the Most Used Apps area."

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It'll be interesting to see what they plan, and while the win 10 start menu is far superior to 8, it is still worthless enough that I no longer use it at all. It makes perfect sense for pure tablet use, but with keyboard and mouse, it is just an inneficient waste of time imo.


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When I setup a new system for someone, I immediately unpin all of the icons tiles that get installed when you setup a new system with Windows 10. Frankly, I don't use the start menu very often myself. I'm not one who aggressively wants Microsoft to change it or remove it but I would tell you that I was perfectly happy with Window 7 Start menu & it wouldn't bother me if they changed it back to a Windows 7 menu.

I would like to hear from people how they make good practical use of the Windows 10 Start menu.


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Well I really only use it for Modern apps as I create shortcuts on the desktop. I attach desktop and modern apps to my taskbar for apps I use the most. I use the right click of the start menu to run power shell or a command prompt with admin rights. I like to use the command prompt to ad a user. I also use the modern Windows 10 Mail for my internet IMAP accounts and use Outlook for my internet providers POP3 account. I have the camera, store and mail apps on my taskbar.


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I also find myself right clicking on the Start button a lot. There is so many things that use have other methods to get to utilities that I find by right clicking the start button. I suppose some of them I might find a way to create a shortcut too but I just haven't bothered to try. Control panel is an obvious one that everyone uses that for some strange reason doesn't show up in the Start Menu somewhere.


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Control Panel shows up when you right click the start menu. In the bottom half of the menu it shows

Task Manager
Control Panel
File Explorer