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Windows 10. Love it or hate it?


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I would think a charge cycle would be going from 100% > 0% > 100%
Batteries rarely go to zero yet charge cycles rack up so as a wild guess id speculate something on the order of 50-60% or more is considered a cycle. Even so... if you never let it go more than 50% id still think it would record cycles although I have no idea how they measure this. I suppose one possibility is its just a running counter of %discharged. i.e. 5% + 25% + 20% + 50% separated by charging might be considered one cycle.

Something for someone to investigate and give us the "answer" ;)


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Well windows 10 i must say i love it! Why because i have a 5 year old. Homebuild computer intel 3770K with 32GB 1866mhz memory and SSD and 8TB backup drive with 1080 nvidia videocard and with 2 monitor one is 27 4K Dell and other is Asus 24 1080p. And it's working like a charm no problem what's ever the computer just work.
So what do I use the computer for: Lightroom with canon 7D Mark II,, office 2016, Webb, video, music and recording tv. My pc goes 24/7 or in very rare sleep but never turning of the pc. So yes windows 7, 8 and 10 work perfect for me on my pc

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