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Windows 10 not letting me turn off updates.


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I want control over when Windows 10 installs updates. But when I try to change update settings, Windows tells me this function is controlled by the system administrator.

Well, I am the system administrator so what do I do to fix it?


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I'm not sure you can do in the Tech Preview, it was called out in the ToS and EULA. One of the upcoming updates will allow you level of control, a Fast (All when available), Medium (You chose features and Important and Critical install automatically) and Slow (Enterprise you chose) settings....


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Thanks but the odd part is when I first installed W10 I could disable updates and make them manual. This admin limitation is new despite the fact I've installed no updates.

I mean it's ok, it just means I have to reinstall my Intel HD drivers every time it does that hardware update thing. I want my HD Control Panel whether MS thinks I need it or not.
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