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Built In-Administrator Account SnaFu


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Periodically upon a random reboot, my SP4 somehow turns my account into the “Built In Administrator account”. I cannot open the simplest of things like let’s say the Camera App. It will tell me – “Unable to open Application as the Built In-Administrator Account”…………. So I do a Web Search for this error and I get the standard troubleshooting resolutions such as, “Ensure your time and date are correct”, or, “Make sure your Built In-Administrator Account is Disabled”. In the past nothing has worked and I would re-load my SP4, do ALL the updates and be back up and running some 2-2.5 hours later.

IF any of you have, or run into this issue – Here’s the fix. One of the most annoying aspects of Windows is the User-Account Control popping up asking me “Do you want to allow blah blah, to make changes to this machine blah, blah”. Well the UAC was the issue each time. Since I disable this aspect to avoid the annoying messages, and it works and allows me to disable it – somewhere along the line Windows and I think Windows Defender pick up on this and treat it as a security threat, and tell me Now Allowed – Built In-Admin Blah Blah….

To fix the issue, head on over to the Control Panel, User Accounts, UAC and slide the bar up a few notches and reboot. BAM! If you have this issues, it should disappear after you use the ol’ Slider in UAC. Hope this helps someone along the line.

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