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Windows 10 November Update Has a 'deleting apps without asking' Bug


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Updates are supposed to fix bugs, not add them, but that is obviously not always reality. In this instance, we have multiple reports that the most recent November update to Windows 10 is actually deleting certain apps without asking. Because of this Microsoft actually pulled the update.

The problem is this: Windows 10 has a built-in "feature" that allows it to automatically delete apps that are illegal. While it is debatable whether this is a feature anyone wants, it's current implementation (after the November Update) takes things a step too far. A bug created with the November update is actually deleting apps that simply crash the system.

This isn't the only bug revealed in the November update. The source of this story, Ars Technica, had this to say,

“[O]thers are reporting all manner of bugs, such as machines that instantly wake after sleeping, excessive processor usage by the Mail app, the lock screen failing to hide the full desktop, and more besides. Given that Microsoft is still pushing 1511 out through Windows Update, none of these issues would appear to be fatal, showstopper issues, but clearly this release is not without its problems.”

What's even more complicated is that the update was only pulled from the manual download center. Some folks are still able to update to the faulty Windows 10 version 1511 through Windows Update. If you experience any of these issues be sure to hit up Microsoft's tech support forums (or ask around here on the site).

For even more info on this complex issue, here's the source link for the story: Windows 10 November Update mysteriously pulled, as concerns about bugs grow