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Windows 8 Issues


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Hello guys,

I just started using Windows 8 a few days ago, i am very impressed i must say. Not only is it much faster and stream lined than previous version of windows i have used over the past ten years, but with the new metro interface and the way app share data and integrate search querys, i think it makes once of the most innovative windows since Win95.

Has any one run across any issues with Win8 yet? or any applications that run find on Win7 but not Win8? It would be great if we can get these issues out there and share our work arounds.
The only issue i have had since i started using Win8 is with the "Music" app. I can open multiple files, but the music app will not play them.

1. Open Music App
2. Left click to open the menu bar
3. Right Click "Open File"
4. Select two tracks (by left clicking them)
5. Right Click "Open"

The files open, but the music player will not play the selected file.

Anyone else have this issue?
Note the files are mp3s, I can provide more info of the files if needed but i don't think the format is the issue. No known work around yet.
Macbook Pro 3,1 2008
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz
2GB Ram
EFI Boot (secureboot disabled)
Geforce 8600M GT
Windows 8 RC V6.2 (Build 8400)
I would love to try Windows 8 but the 1st time I used it I've few problems and with that I stick to XP. I don't know but I think as of the moment I'm not cool with it but I do know that it as a lot of benefits but its just that I'm still okay using XP till now. I know that some of you guys will laugh about it but that's my stand till now probably because I don't have enough time to learn Win8 due to my busy sched daily.
I know that some of you guys will laugh about it but that's my stand till now probably because I don't have enough time to learn Win8 due to my busy sched daily.

No one should laugh about it.
Try or use it when it available from official release
Haven't actually had any problems per se yet, but I do find some things rather clunky. The one major thing being that when you open an app in the MetroUI (ie, IE) ;) it opens the tablet version, then you go open IE from the desktop, you get the desktop version. Now, it would be one thing if they were magically showing the same things, but they're like two completely separate programs. o.0 That's still what I'm stumped about. =P Talked to the guys at the Microsoft store, and so far, they said that's just the way it is.
It seems as if it just isn't synthesizing well yet.
I've used every version of windows 3.1 to 8 now. You learn on the go ... everybody does! WindowsXP is buggy compared to Win7. I did a clean install of Win 7 32bit on an old WinXP laptop (1.3 GHz and 2GB RAM) and it behaved as if on steroids! Your old PC is going to speed up tremendously, I would do a clean install vs an upgrade (you can still use an upgrade version of Win7). I'd bet you'll be one happy camper after! :) Its worth the pain of re-installing program or loosing any unsupported apps, believe me! Run the Win7 upgrade adviser before you buy - no harm in checking if your pc is worth upgrading!

Win 8 will need newer hardware!
The only issue I've seen so far is when playing a video for example either on Netflix or a video app if I pause the video there is a horrible alarm type sound that plays and I can not do anything to stop it. It happens when I plug in headphones and when I use the speakers. It is really annoying. Anyone else have any issues with this? Oh I have the Windows RT tablet.