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Avast AntiVirus Removal in Windows 8 Disables Keyboard!!


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I have three desktop machines running Windows 8: Win8-1, -2 & -3. Each of them had been running Avast AntiVirus Pro, with a couple of weeks left on their subscriptions. The Win8 Upgrade Assistant did not complain about them, but neither, as I found later, did it report that the software was compatible.

Today, I decided to uninstall the program from all three machines, which I did in sequence -- started one, went on to the next, etc. By the time I got back to the first (Win8-2), and re-booted it, I found an inoperable keyboard. I puzzled over that for a while, then checked on Win8-1 -- same problem. On to Win8-3, and, you guessed it -- same problem. I was able to fix Win8-3 with a Restore to earlier time. On Win8-1, all my restore points were gone! That's my dual-boot machine, so I booted Win7. Assuming that it was too much for coincidence, I went to the Avast forum and rummaged around until I found a post on that very subject, citing a link to a guy who had (mostly) solved it. Here is the link:

Keyboard Not Working due to Missing or Corrupt Drivers (Code 39) | RyanTAdams.com

I used his manual method, because, given the date on his page, the REG file he mentions clearly was not written for Win8. I tried the registry edit on Win8-2, and it worked! I tried it on Win8-1 and it did not work. I have not found a solution yet. The Repair function on the Win8 disc does no good. Fortunately, that is my dual-boot machine, so I am working in Win7 and letting the Win8-1 problem wait for tomorrow. We're supposed to have snow and sleet tomorrow, so it will be a good day to tackle it. Worst case, I'll just dump Win8-1 and re-upgrade from Win7-1. That is a lot less work than a "refresh."

It is not clear to me, yet, what I should have done to avoid the problem -- maybe do the registry edit before the Uninstall. I dunno, and am not curious enough to retrace my steps to find out.

Film at Eleven -- tomorrow, if the ice don't break my DSL line.


Is your Avast AV version 7? General rule of thumb when upgrading Windows to a newer OS is to always uninstall AV then re-install once you're up and running again. Provided of course it is supported.

BTW, I'll be looking at your WireShark capture tonight.
I hate 3rd party AV applications, and we removed every single one of them in about 100 computers in our office. We simply use Windows Defender.
Is your Avast AV version 7? . . . BTW, I'll be looking at your WireShark capture tonight.

Rob --

Yeah, it was Version 7. Since the Win8 Upgrade Assistant didn't tag it, I just got lazy because I had a couple of weeks left on it. As always, there is a price for that.

I will be very interested to see what you learn from the Wireshark data.

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The RT tablet is protected by the built-in Windows Defender (MS Security Essentials is included in RT, just renamed Defender). No other anti-virus app is needed. It's virtually impossible for the RT tablet to become infected by a virus because THAT SAID VIRUS would have to WRITE to the RT operating system which is IMPOSSIBLE. Feel safer now?
Hi, Y'All --

The problem on Win8-1 is resolved -- not really "solved," because I don't know what was causing it, but it is resolved.

I cloned my Win7-1 onto the Win8-1 drive, did all the necessary cleanup, then upgraded it to Windows8. All is working fine now. I still have some tweaking to do on my Start Menu, but that's easy.

It's a good day for it. The worst part of the storm moved north of me, but we have what the Weather Service calls "freezing drizzle." Good day to be inside.

Take care,