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Windows 8 Media Player

Towering Shadow

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Just wondering if anyone has tried the Windows 8 Media Player. It cost $4.49 and there's not 1 review on it. My guess it's a waste of time until VLC comes out. I just don't want to try the program and be disappointed. I need something that plays Avi, Mkv, Vob, etc, etc, etc.



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For example Mobile.HD is capable of playing MKV's (even with DTS). It's a nice app, although the interface could have more options like on Multimedia8.
AVI is supported by the native Video player app.
There are a number of threads about this topic.


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I checked the publisher, and Im kinda put off. The only other media player Im interested in is Link+ which has rave reviews apparently.

Towering Shadow

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Thanks Arctherus. I looked at the reviews and description of Link+ but it doesn't really tell you much. I realize it's only $5.00 but I just get this feeling I'm going to be disappointed. Obviously, the app of choice would be VLC (which doesn't exist on the Surface yet) but I'm just waiting for that app that plays everything. Mobile.HD plays MKV files but being a creature of human nature, I want more.

Just checked my Surface app store and 1 review came through on Windows 8 Media Player, "Horrible app, won't do anything". So much for that.