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Windows Hello less reliable after update


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Found a fix in the Surface Book area to the camera not turning on. I removed 'Hello', restarted, then set it back up. Works like a champ!


Well phooey. Hello didn't recognize me this time. And to make matters worse, I had to click the power button to wake up after sleep. Without doing that it was just a black screen.


Since the last update, the only problem I had with Hello was waking up to a half screen. Did a restart, switched to PIN, restarted, reset hello and now it's been working.


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Well dang, I've noticed a small number of times if I close the keyboard when the screen is on or off and then open it again, sometimes it does nothing when I open the keyboard and press a key. I sometimes have to press the power button once for it to come back on. I have not spotted a pattern yet due to not really looking out for a pattern yet. I'll see if I can replicate it and post back here. The Hello face recognition login worked fine every single time though.


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My surface pro 4 has also been very unreliable. I removed windows hello, restarted then reconfigured it. I'm hoping this fixes it. This machine is by far my all time favorite device but OMG I thank god I'm no longer a student nor use this for work!!

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