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Windows Phone 7.8 Update is here


:excited: I am in Canada and on the Rogers network and I upgraded my phone this morning.
It was not straight forward but with Bing's help I got it.

"The Windows Phone 7.8 update is out. Some of us are lucky enough to be able to plug in to Zune and update, and some are not.

When it was released this morning, my Rogers Lumia 900 was one of the devices that coudln't install the update (Zune said it was up to date already).

To work around this, you can use the old "Disconnect Trick". Instructions available:
Upgrade to Windows Phone 7.8 on a Nokia Lumia 900 (Rogers Branded) » The time I've wasted on technology... | The time I've wasted on technology...

You need to do this a few times as there are a couple of prerequisite updates before the 7.8 update can be installed. This worked for me, and ~40 people who have commented on the post with success.

The instruction worked well but I had to vary the timing on the internet disconnect to get the updates.
Works great but still in discovery mode.
I used the disconnect method to force Mango on my HD7S. I don't have high hopes for a 7.8 update anytime soon.
Well I tried the 'disconnect' trick to pull the update this weekend. No joy on my HTC HD7S. I want that 7.8 update soooooo bad. :(
No luck on my old HD7 yet. I guess I'll keep waiting. Really no rush for me since I already have a Lumia 810. I'm wanting to pass the HD7 to my wife. She currently has some old Samsung Bold II.
No luck for my Titan yet. I'm annoyed and may just manually send the cabs like I did for Tango.