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Windows Phone 7.8 Update is here


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I tried again with no luck. My HD7S is on the update list so maybe I'm just having bad luck. Anyone else updated a HD7S to 7.8?


Well I tried the 'disconnect' trick to pull the update this weekend. No joy on my HTC HD7S. I want that 7.8 update soooooo bad. :(
when I did this I had to vary on the 2sec pull the network cable on the 2 sec count it did not work for me it did work on 3 and 4 sec. It seems timing is every thing.


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when I did this I had to vary on the 2sec pull the network cable on the 2 sec count it did not work for me it did work on 3 and 4 sec. It seems timing is every thing.
My internet connection is so super fast I can't wait 2 seconds before it says Your phone is uptodate.


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You could update your phones to 7.8 by using the Seven-Eighter utility found on WPCentral. I used the CAB installer referenced in the article on my HTC Arrive going back to the Tango update with no issues at all. Keep in mind doing either method may brick your phone, and you do this at your own risk. At the very least, you'll have an excuse to get anther phone.

Good Luck


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Finally found the time to force my Titan to the latest Windows Phone 7.8 build (8862). Enjoying the improved Start Screen, but still need to get around to flashing a custom ROM, so I can re-enable the features that AT&T disabled.


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Pervy Sage woke up this morning, and there was a text saying "You have a phone update" or something.

Plugged phone into Zune >> settings >> update phone

Just followed instructions and got WinPhone 7.8
No hax, no trojans, no warez, no pull the phone out at the last second tricks, no cabs.

Only problem was had to manually restart phone when it had a BITS error or something like that, and do the Zune >> settings >> update phone again, but really, simple easy upgrade. There was like 5 updates in a row.

Not much difference, the tiles are resizable on the home screen and guess there's back end stuff, but nothing really noticable between 7.8 or 7.5.
- typing seems noticeably faster... might be my imagination, but seems like there's less lag (as if there was before)

*note, pic found on bing, Pervy Sage doesn't use a samsung
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Looking for the Windows Phone 7.8 Hack Upgrade Thread

Like the subject states, looking for that one thread in here that has a link to upgrading any WP 7.5 to 7.8. Looked in every section but didn't see it. I know it's in here somewhere.



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Still don't have 7.8. Sill want 7.8. Holding off new Win Phone because I read of a possible Surface Phone next Xmas.


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I did the hack method and it worked for me. Didn't have any issues at all, but it did take about an hour to complete though. I did this on my HD7.
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