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Just wondered if anyone else has this issue and what to do about it besides possibly disabling the services...Just recently I have noticed windows maintenance running and never ending...the first time I noticed it..after running for quite some time I had to manually stop it because I had to leave but every day now I notice in the action center that maintenance is running and it can go on for hours upon hours to no end...it is being held up somewhere and doesn't appear to be any record to see what it is actually doing...any ideas?


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Close all apps, and don't do anything for a few minutes, with Resource Monitor open and watch the Disk tab to see what files are being worked on.


It came up again and all of my programs are closed and while maintenance in progress i opened task manager and saw disk activity to be 0% with System at top with 0.1% and second service host:local service at 0.1%
And avast! Service at 3rd place at 0.1%
Resource monitor showed some activity with top file accessed being windows audio glitch detection , avast and at times showing some app access in local/packages....will let it run and see if it finishes...
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