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Windows RT: the essential apps


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The folks over at PhoneArena put together a great list of apps that they consider to be the "core-must-have" for everyone when using Windows RT. It's a handy and well thought out list, so we decided to share it. Here's a quote below from the article along with a bullet-point of the list. Feel free to check out the full article at the source link below to see the details on why they chose these apps.

If you haven’t heard it by now, let us make it extra clear - Windows RT is not the full Windows 8. No, it won’t run Photoshop, Dreamweaver, or whatever traditional Windows program you throw at it. Except for Microsoft’s Office package that comes pre-loaded.

Knowing this alone will save you plenty of confusion. But still this won’t answer the burning question: what apps does Windows RT have then, and which ones should I install right after getting it?

There is no universal recipe, but we’ve narrowed down 10 apps that should come handy for pretty much everyone out there.

  1. Metro Commander
  2. FireFox
  3. Skype
  4. MineSweeper
  5. Cut The Rope
  6. Tunin Radio
  7. Evernote
  8. Netflix
  9. WordPress
  10. Sketchbook Express
Source: Windows RT: the essential apps


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The sad part is that they acknowledge that Windows RT can't run all apps, and then they list some apps that aren't yet available on Windows RT. Shameful.


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I suppose there's no official way for me to browse the Windows app store without having Windows 8 is there? I know having access to Google's Play store on the web was what finally pushed me to switch to Android from iOS.

Without knowing beforehand that I'll have equivalent apps on a new platform, there's really no way for me to switch. For the time being I'm just searching for specific apps with Google but the ability to browse the store on the web would really help.